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BWS supporting local gin makers

We have been blown away by the success of Two Accents Dry & Shiraz Gin in BWS stores and we are fully behind their exciting campaign to support our fantastic local beer, wine and spirits makers.

That’s why they want you, a Local Luvva, to tell them who your favourite small, local, independent brands are. Well, because who better to ask than a local, right?

We’d love you to support Two Accents Gin by selecting your local store. This will display all the brands in your state.

Scroll down to find Two Accents then hit that ‘Click to Vote’ button once you see us - you’ve got until Friday, 2nd October to have your vote count.

The top 18 brands across Australia will get their products stocked in more BWS stores for more people to love 🤍❤️😍

Thank you lover 😘

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