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Siren Gin
Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin
Shiraz Gin
Dry Gin

Our Siren Gin has been created to be superbly balanced and dangerously smooth.


It’s made to seduce, with a gorgeous siren song of perfectly blended flavours. Mandarin tones sing out, its lengthened by a warm back note provided by star anise, cassia, liquorice root and toasted coriander seeds.

Two Accents Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin has been batch-distilled in a Copper Pot Still and been crafted using hand selected botanics and world renowned McLaren Vale Shiraz.

The limited release gin is then finished in five year old Shiraz American oak barrels for a minimum of three months giving the gin underlying vanilla, caramel and charred oak flavours that complements and adds further complexity.

This wood-kissed limited release can be enjoyed neat over ice or with your favourite mixer.

Crafted and batch-distilled in a traditional copper pot still in the McLaren Vale; Two Accents Shiraz Gin has the amazing addition of McLaren Vale Shiraz made from specially selected fruit from vines which are over 100 years old.

A superbly balanced, smooth gin which on tasting over ice reveals warmth. Add tonic and a slice of orange in a Gin & Tonic and it’s amazingly subtle due to its well-blended flavours. Can you tell, an award-winning winemaker has been involved with this amazing creation?

Its character is revealed in the intensity and aromatic tones of citrus, caraway, and apples. 

No flashy or trendy ingredients here. Crafted and batch-distilled in a traditional copper pot still in McLaren Vale, Two Accents Dry Gin is designed to be a superbly balanced and smooth gin which is aromatic with fresh-tasting citrus. The perfect Gin & Tonic gin, not too heavy on the juniper.

It has fresh-tasting citrus tones which are lengthened by a warm back note provided by cardamom seeds, roasted and unroasted coriander.

Our Dry Gin reflects the essence of what good traditional gin should be and we meet the modern challenge of working in harmony with tonic and in cocktails.