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Roll out the Barrel-Aged

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Photo credit the amazing Belinda of @thepatronsaintofgin

Over the last few years, barrel-aged gin has gradually become a staple of dozens of distilleries and has emerged on the shelves of the finest liquor stores and cellar doors.

But how did this practice come about?

In the 19th and 20th century, wooden casks were the sole storage vessel of spirits. Gin was stored and barrelled, yet not aged.

This gin was sweeter, produced through a pipe dispenser, and clear to resemble water during the gin prohibition.

As perplexing as this might sound today, this style of the slightly sweet gin was immensely popular and loved until the 1900s. London Dry then held the title for more than a century.

Recently, craft gin distilleries have been implementing this old practice. But with a noticeable twist- ageing the gin, creating a smoother, softer gin whilst enriching the wonderful flavours. Two Accents began ageing our gorgeous Shiraz Gin in 5-year-old Shiraz American oak barrels at the end of 2018.

Through this method of ageing, it unearths smoky, rich aromas of caramel and charred oak displayed in our limited-edition Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin.

We are pleased to announce our second batch of Shiraz Gin, blended beautifully with premium Fox Creek’s Shiraz, has gone into barrel.

WE CAN'T WAIT ..........................

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